Collaborating into Future Fridays in 2019

GCC Began in 2014

Global Climate Convergence first organized in 2014 calling for actions between Earth Day (April 22) and May Day (May 1). Events were held in 2015 globally as well. Resources on the website assist organizing into 2018 and beyond… please look for some great tools!

Groups and individuals are asked to share what they are doing together to address Climate Change. One of the localized activities that caught on are Kids Global Gardens. It would be great to see how that could be continuing today locally. To find out more about the GCC Kids Gardening Clubs or to connect to the project, please email kidsglobalgardens@gmail.com.


The slogan for GCC is “People, Planet, Peace Over Profit”. Events submitted must fit into this slogan. A common tag being used for GCC is #ED2MD, this works to bring convergence of posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and other platforms.

The main Global Climate Convergence website has great guides for organizing and your events need to be registered with that site as well. The administrators on this site can help in doing that. Events can be free or ticketed. If the administrators are assisting with connecting content and social networking there is a small fee for the efforts provided.

The GCC Detroit website is working with an Eventbrite specific template through WordPress. There is an Eventbrite profile for GCC Detroit and we can either bring your posted event on the site into our shared calendar or offer to enter details from Facebook.